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In-Home & Commercial Saltwater Aquarium and Pond Maintenance Services

While enjoying the tranquility and cerebral relaxation that a saltwater aquarium, outdoor pond, or aquatic display gives to your home or office environment, don't forget about the importance of maintenance service.

Pete's Aquarium & Fish provides professional, on-time and in-home or commercial on-site saltwater fish aquarium and pond maintenance services with the best rates anywhere in the greater metropolitan New York, Connecticut, New Jersey region, and around clock Emergency Service available at locations in Westchester, Dutchess, Queens, Bronx, Suffolk, Fairfield, Bergen, Ulster, Albany, and Manhattan.

At Pete's Aquarium & Fish the customer's needs are our top priority. Call now to schedule a maintenance appointment or to place a priority emergency "house-call" service request with one of our expert sales and service aquarists.

"We Guarantee Total Satisfaction with Our Level of Experience and Expertise, and That Our Prices Are Unbeatable with Pete's Price Match Promise on: Custom or Standard Aquarium Tanks, Pond Construction, Aquarium Maintenance or Pond Maintenance Services including Outdoor Waterfalls and Fountains."

Maintenance Services Hotline
(917) 405 - 9428

Pete's Aquarium Maintenance Services include:

  • Water Change
  • Water Testing
  • Cleaning of all interior and exterior aquarium equipment
  • Upgrades of Pump and Filter

Pond Maintenance

Having your own outdoor Fish Pond, Water Arboretum, or Waterfall brings a special element to your home. Being able to view nature just a few steps away from your door is something that is to be cherished. A pond can be the home to many exotic species of fish and plant life, and Pond Maintenance is a necessary part of keeping its inhabitants, such as Koi Fish, happy and healthy.

Pete's Aquariums & Fish can maintenance or newly construct a fish pond, or outdoor waterfall and aquatic display to your guaranteed satisfaction. We build and maintenance ponds small and large, simplistic or in an aquatic-garden style, in ground or above ground with stone walling.

Pond Maintenance & Construction Services include:

  • Pond Construction (if desired and needed)
  • Water Testing
  • Pump and Filter Maintenance
  • Winterize
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Pond Cleaning
  • Upgrades of Pumps and UV Lighting

Maintenance Services Hotline
(917) 405 - 9428


What Does It Take To Keep Your Fish Aquarium Pets Happy and Healthy?

Aquariums require excellent maintenance to ensure your fish’s home remains inhabitable. Here are just some of the benefits of hiring Pete's Aquariums & Fish for your Saltwater Fish Maintenance:

  • Clean Water: Clean water is critical to your fish’s long-term health. Twenty-five percent (25%) of the tank water must be changed every 1 - 4 weeks, depending on tank inhabitant species. This routine assists in maintaining proper pH levels, decreasing the number of disease-causing organisms trapped in the gravel bed, and removing waste by products, such as ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates. Pete's Aquariums & Fish Saltwater Fish Maintenance manually siphons the water, clean the gravel bed, and help protect your precious livestock. Glass or acrylic is cleaned spotless with magnetic scrub brushes, while removing stubborn algae from the aquarium tank front and sides, in tubing and filters, and on accessories.

  • Filament & Fertilize: If your aquarium includes live plants, we recommend fertilizing, and bulb or filament changes on all full-spectrum lights every 6 to 12 months. Plants contribute to a healthy aquatic environment – they use ammonia and nitrate waste from fish to grow and, in turn, give off dissolved oxygen fish need to breathe.

  • Salinity: Different rivers, oceans, and seas have different amounts of salt, and yes – even freshwater contains some salt. Essentially, there are three types of water: Low Salinity or Freshwater; Medium Salinity or Brackish Tidal Waters; and High Salinity or seawater, and even in seawater, the amount of salt can vary dramatically. Salinity is not easy to measure and has a close relationship with specific gravity. A rise or fall in water salinity can change a fish’s osmo-regulatory process, thereby causing stress and illness that can result in a costly loss of sensitive and exotic fishes. Pete's Aquarium & Fish Saltwater Fish Aquarium Maintenance will give you a precise salinity rating with our professional refractometer during your routine maintenance visits.


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