Assorted Freshwater Cichlids



Freshwater Cichlids originate in Central America with introductions to many other regions now as well. This variety grows to a maximum of 6″ inches, making them a good choice for smaller aquariums, but males grow slightly larger than females.

The Freshwater Cichlid habitat consists of rocky areas with plenty of fallen wood where they can dart around into crevices for security. Freshwater Cichlids are very territorial fish that display aggressive behavior towards intruding fish on its territory, and will spend most of their time near or inside this territory, except to feed.

Freshwater Cichlid bars and coloration tend to intensify with age. However, through selective breeding, a wide range of different-colored cichlids are available. You can find them in white, gold, and pink varieties, and some are a solid color, having no stripes at all.

Freshwater Cichlids are omnivores and not fussy eaters, as they will readily consume most pellet food. But it’s still important to supplement their diet with frozen bloodworms, tubifex worms, or brine shrimp.

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