Blue Leg Hermit Crab or Tricolor Hermit Crab



The Blue Leg Hermit Crab also known as Blueleg Hermit Crab, Tricolor Hermit Crab, Blueleg Reef Hermit Crab, Equal Handed Hermit Crab and Blue-Legged Hermit Crab (Clibanarius Tricolor) is a valuable addition to an aquarium because it will eat algae including green hair algae and cyanobacteria, and seaweed. In addition, it provides  aeration by sifting through the sand looking for food, cleaning the sand in the process. It is one of the Hermit Crabs that is reef safe.

Blue Leg Hermit Crab or Tricolor Hermit Crab lives in shallow water of the Caribbean Sea and is popular in the home aquarium trade. It has blue legs with red banding, and reaches to 2 centimeters (0.79 in) in size. Blue Leg Hermit Crab or Tricolor Hermit Crab is a detritivore, eating dead plants and animals that would otherwise clog the reef.

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