Emerald Crab or Green Clinging Crab



The Emerald Crab, also known as the Green Clinging Crab (Mithraculus Sculptus), is a species of crab in the family Majidae. It is a dark green color and is found in tropical waters in the Caribbean Sea. It is sometimes kept in reef aquaria. The Emerald Crab or Green Clinging Crab is a small crab with a carapace longer than it is wide and large chelae (claws). The carapace is flat, shiny and green, finely sculpted, with whitish material adhering to the projections. The claws are also green and are spoon-shaped and tipped with white. The walking legs are rather paler in color and are hairy and often covered with encrustations. This crab grows to a length of about 1.6 inches and  is reef safe.

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