Halloween Hermit Crab or Striped Hermit Crab



The Halloween Hermit Crab (Ciliopagurus Strigatus), also known as the Striped Hermit Crab or Orange Legged Hermit Crab, is a brightly colored aquatic hermit crab of the family Diogenidae. Besides its ability to routinely clean algae in aquariums, the Halloween Hermit Crab or Striped Hermit Crab’s festive striped coloration also appeals to enthusiasts, it is considered the most brightly colored hermit crab in normal aquarium use.

The Halloween Hermit Crab or Striped Hermit Crab is commonly found along coral substrates and in the ocean, along sandy areas surrounding reefs, but not typically on top of the reefs themselves, in shallow tropical, coastal waters. It is believed to have originated from the Hawaiian region and is native to the Indo-Pacific region, including the Red Sea.

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