Sally Lightfoot Crab or Red Rock Crab



Sally Lightfoot Crab or Grapsus Grapsus is one of the most common crabs along the western coast of the Americas. It is known variously as, “Red Rock Crab“, “Abuete Negro”, and along with crabs such as Percnon Gibbesi.

Sally Lightfoot Crab or Red Rock Crab is a typically shaped crab, with five pairs of legs, the front two bearing small, blocky, symmetrical chelae. The other legs are broad and flat, with only the tips touching the substrate. The crab’s round, flat carapace is slightly longer than 3.1″ inches. Sally Lightfoot Crab or Red Rock Crab are black or dark brown in color and are camouflaged well on the black lava coasts of volcanic islands. Adults are quite variable in color, some are muted brownish-red, some mottled or spotted brown, pink, or yellow.

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