Gold Ogon Koi or Yamabuki Ogon Koi



Yamabuki Ogon Koi or Gold Ogon Koi is a metallic yellow koi. The colors can range from a deep gold to a lighter, more vibrant yellow. The pectoral fins can have some yellow at the base that fans out across the fin, but ideally, they should be white. Ogon (meaning “golden”) koi are metallic, solid, single-colored koi fish in the Hikarimuji class (Hikari – “shiny”; Muji – “one”). Ogon has become synonymous with a collective name for metallic, solid-colored koi. An Ogon’s brilliant luster makes it immediately recognizable, especially in murkier ponds.

They have healthy appetites and grow rapidly as a result. As a complement to their love for food, they are also quite friendly, which makes hand feeding easier. Having them in your pond is a good way to encourage shier koi to hand feed. Given the proper care, Gold Ogon Koi or Yamabuki Ogon Koi can live a long life, sometimes upwards of 35 years. As they age, the skin in adult Ogon will start to emerge between the scales to give a reticulated, netting effect known as fukurin. The contrast between skin and scales is considered highly attractive and prized among koi enthusiasts.

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