Teira Batfish or Longfin Spadefish


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Teira Batfish are striking. With their graceful countenance as they glide effortlessly across your tank, the Teira Batfish is peaceful. Also known as Longfin Batfish, Longfin Spadefish, or Round Faced Batfish is a fish from the Indo-West Pacific. In Australia it can be found from the central coast of Western Australia, around the tropical north of the country and south to the southern coast of New South Wales.

Teira Batfish or Longfin Spadefish grows to a size of 24″ inches in length, the fish are noted for their long dorsal and anal fins which gives them their unique shape. It has a dark blotch under the pectoral fin, with another long dark mark above the base of the anal fin. Looked at from the side, it has a roughly circular body with a low hump on the nape. This fish is usually silver, grey or brownish. It has a blackish band through the eye and another band with the pectoral fin. They will change colour from silvery white with no bands, to brown with darker banding as you watch, and then fade back to silver again.

Teira Batfish or Longfin Spadefish are a very peaceful and social fish and will form schools with others of their species. They should not be kept with very aggressive species that may harass them as juveniles. Teira Batfish or Longfin Spadefish are usually rather small when first purchased, but they will rapidly outgrow a small home aquarium to reach a maximum size of 24″ inches. Teira Batfish or Longfin Spadefish is an omnivore. It will eat plankton, sessile invertebrates, small invertebrates, and marine algae. They are known to reside among floating seaweed, debris, and artificial reefs.

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