Sailfin Blenny or Lawnmower Blenny



The Sailfin Blenny, also known as an Algae Blenny or Lawnmower Blenny (Salarias Fasciatus) is notable for its unique looks and winning personality. Adult males have elongated anterior rays on the anal fin. Usually olive to brown with dark bars and a large number of round or elongated white spots of different sizes. There are usually dark longitudinal lines on the front part of the body, and small bright blue spots with dark outlines along the rear part of the body, with over-sized eyes, and typical body shape of the Blenniidae family. But despite its tendency to grow to an impressive 5″ inches in size in the home aquarium, the Algae Blenny remains peaceful, active and, therefore, fun to observe.

Sailfin Blenny or Lawnmower Blenny is a popular marine aquarium fish species in Australasia, as well as East Africa and the Red Sea to Samoa and the Islands of Micronesia. Despite being also known as the Lawnmower Blenny due to its propensity to consume algae growth from rocks and glass, it is principally a detritivore, with plant material making up only 15% of its diet.

The Sailfin Blenny or Lawnmower Blenny is generally regarded as compatible with most other marine fish species and as a group with other Lawnmower Blennies. The Sailfin Blenny or Lawnmower Blenny adds visual appeal to any marine aquarium.

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