Bali Golden Yellow Belly Damselfish



The Yellow Belly Damselfish, also known as the Gold Belly Damsel, or Bali Golden Yellow Belly Damselfish (Pomacentrus Auriventris), is a gorgeous and hardy little fish that’s easily maintained in the aquarium. It is a medium bright blue on the head and upper body with bright yellow on bottom. These two colors are sharply divided with an irregular L-shaped diagonal line.

Bali Golden Yellow Belly Damselfish are similar in color to several other pretty blue and yellow Pomacentrus species. Three of the most similar are the Neon Damselfish, Allen’s Damselfish, and the Caerulean Damsel. However the differences between these fish are fairly easy to distinguish. The main distinction is that none of these others have nearly as much yellow on the lower part of the body as the Bali Golden Yellow Belly Damselfish.

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