Leopard Moray Eel or Dragon Moray Eel


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The Leopard Moray Eel or Dragon Moray Eel (Enchelycore Pardalis), is a species of marine fish widespread throughout the Indo-Pacific Oceans from Réunion to the Hawaiian, Line and Society Islands, north to southern Japan, southern Korea, and south to New Caledonia. It inhabits coral and rocky reefs at depths up to 60 meters, and can grow to a total length up to 36.22″ inches.

The Leopard Moray Eel or Dragon Moray Eel is characterized by narrow, curved jaws, vivid red stripes on the head, and elongated tubular nostrils. It is chiefly nocturnal; because of this and its preference for cryptic habitats, it is seldom seen. It feeds primarily on fishes and small cephalopods.


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