Bicolor Parrotfish or Bumphead Parrotfish



Bicolor Parrotfish also known as Bumphead Parrotfish (Cetoscarus Bicolor), is a species of Parrotfish found only in the Red Sea. Bicolor Parrotfish or Bumphead Parrotfish is among the largest of Parrotfish, growing to a length of up to 35″ inches. As in many of its relatives, it is a sequential hermaphrodite, starting as female (known as the initial phase) and then changing to male (the terminal phase). The initial phase is dark brown with a large cream patch on the upper part of the body. The terminal phase is very colorful, overall green with pink spotting to the body and edging to the fins. Juveniles are white with a black spot on the dorsal fin and an orange band through the eye.

Bicolor Parrotfish or Bumphead Parrotfish is associated with coral reefs. It usually can be found in lagoons and seaward reefs in depths up to 30 meters. Small juveniles are usually found among dense coral and in algae-rich habitats. During its lifetime, this fish changes sex twice and very large females change sex to become brightly colored males.

The Bicolor Parrotfish or Bumphead Parrotfish mainly feeds on algae.

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