Verrucosus Triggerfish or Blackbelly Triggerfish



The Verrucosus Triggerfish, also known as the Blackbelly Triggerfish , Black Patch Triggerfish, Blackbelly Picassofish, Black-Blotch Triggerfish (Rhinecanthus Verrucosus) is a ray-finned fish found in the Indo-Pacific in the East Indian Ocean, West Indian Ocean, Australia, Japan, The Red Sea, Indonesia, and Central/West Pacific. With a laterally compressed, deep body and a long snout, it grows to a maximum length of 9.1″ inches. This species often has a fun and interesting personality.

The Verrucosus Triggerfish or Blackbelly Triggerfish upper half of the body is pale brown and the underparts are white, with a dark brown streak below the eye and a very large black spot on the underside just anterior to the anal fin. The anterior part of the dorsal fin consists of three spines which can be retracted into a groove.

Verrucosus Triggerfish or Blackbelly Triggerfishcan be extremely aggressive towards other fish. Regular feeding, plenty of hiding places and a lot of space can alleviate aggressive behavior to some degree. The Verrucosus Triggerfish or Blackbelly Triggerfish can be a threat towards crustaceans, and will eat shrimps, crabs, small bivalves, snails and the like. They require food which helps to prevent overgrowing teeth, like clams. Verrucosus Triggerfish or Blackbelly Triggerfish can make a grunting sound when it feels threatened for example.

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