Assorted GloFish (Tetra, Neon, Black Molly, Danio)



The GloFish is a patented and trademarked brand of genetically engineered fluorescent fish created from several different species: Zebrafish (Danio Rerio) Tetra (Gymnocorymbus Ternetzi), and Tiger Barbs (Puntius Tetrazona), to name a few.

GloFish are sold in the trademarked colors of “Starfire Red”, “Moonrise Pink”, “Sunburst Orange”, “Electric Green”, “Cosmic Blue”, and “Galactic Purple”, although not all species are available in all colors. The rights to Glo-Fish are owned by Spectrum Brands, Inc., which purchased GloFish from Yorktown Technologies, the original developer of Glo-Fish, in May 2017.

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Weight 6 lbs


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