Caribbean Octopus

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Caribbean Octopi or Caribbean Octopus are brown with white spots when they are in a neutral mood. The body of the Octopus is covered with chromatophores that allow it to blend in with any background by changing color. Of its total length, the arms will represent about 80% with the body comprising the rest. And unlike most animals, the Octopus has a rectangular pupil.

The Caribbean Octopus usually comes out at night to feed on small invertebrates or sleeping fish. It uses its eight tentacles to bring the catch to its beak-like mouth.

The Caribbean Octopus will do best in an aquarium if provided with plenty of live rock, ample hiding places and a large aquarium tank area in which to move. It prefers an aquarium with caves and medium to coarse substrate with low lighting levels. The ideal lighting for this aquarium is dim, actinic lighting (light able to cause photochemical reactions).


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3 reviews for Caribbean Octopus

  1. Will Rogers (verified owner)

    Arrived healthy and fine

  2. David Hernandez (verified owner)

    Great customer service answered all my questions, when I ran in to a problem, they were able to provide results with a quickness. I was impressed with the color pattern on arrival the octo had blended in with newspaper it arrived it almost as if the skin had writing and a picture, I had only thought I was giving an empty bag, until I touched around and was pulled with a strong suction cup force! Writing this after having the octopus a while. They have gained a loyal happy customer going to make an order right now.

  3. Jared Dryer (verified owner)

    Purchased my Octo buddy just over 1 month ago. He arrived happy and healthy and quickly. Amazingly, the store’s salinity, pH, hardness, etc. were spot on to my tank, so acclimation was fairly quick and easy. Octopus was scared when it arrived, once acclimated I put it into the tank using the cup they provided with holes in it. Within about 10 min the octopus took off into the rocks and has found a den he likes. I have night vision cameras set up, so I see him every night out and hunting. Ate hermits at first and have since added fiddlers to the tank. He’s pretty small, so I remove the claws and a few legs so its easy for him to eat. A month later, he’s happy and healthy and doing well. I’d love to see him more during the day, but that is never guaranteed.

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