Red-Line Torpedo Barb or Denison Barb



The Denison Barb, Red-Line Torpedo Barb, or Roseline Shark (Sahyadria Denisonii) is a fish characterized by a torpedo-shaped body with silver scales, a red line running from their snout, through the eye, back towards the middle of the body; and below the red line, a black line that runs the length of the fish to the tail. As they mature, a distinctive green-blue marking on top of the head develops.

The Red-Line Torpedo Barb or Denison Barb reaches a length of 5.9″ inches, but typically will only reach 3.5″ to 4.3″ inches. They are active shoaling fishes, endemic to the Achenkovil, Pamba and Chaliyar rivers.  They thrive in a subtropical climate in water with a 6.8–7.8 pH, a water hardness of 5–25 dGH and a temperature range of 65° to 79° Fahrenheit.

This Red-Line Torpedo Barb or Denison Barb is a schooling fish that is usually kept in groups. It tends to be peaceful but some have been known to be slightly aggressive around food, especially if kept in less space than they require. They eat bloodworms, shrimp, meat, fish flake and some vegetation.

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