White Corn Anemone or Ritteri Sand Anemone



White Corn Anemone, also known as Sand Anemone, Carpet Anemone, Corn Anemone, Ritteri Anemone, Saddle Tip Anemone, the White Beaded Anemone, is a species of sea anemone in the family Stichodactylidae. Both the tentacles and oral disc of White Corn Anemone or Ritteri Sand Anemone are brown or purplish. The tentacles reach 50mm in length, may be sticky when touched, and can have tips of a magenta coloration. The longer tentacles contain swellings. These appear on only on a single side, or almost entirely surrounding the tentacle, giving the appearance of beads on a string. A maximum of 20 such swellings may occur on any single tentacle.

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