Green Brittle Starfish or Brittle Sea Star



Green Brittle Starfish or Brittle Sea Star (Ophiarachna Incrassata) are excellent detrivores and will keep excessive detritus from building up. They like to stay in caves and and other dark places. These animals can be relatively fast, but grow rapidly with regular feedings and become extremely large, so it should be introduced to a large aquarium that is no less than 50 gallons.

Feed the Green Brittle Starfish meaty foods including mussel, clam, raw table shrimp, and silversides. Brittle Sea Stars will eat anything that the other aquarium inhabitants consume. Best to feed at least once a day, every other day at the least. As long as the central disc is meaty in appearance, the Green Brittle Starfish or Brittle Sea Star can be considered well fed. Predatory hunting may occur if animal is not fed enough.

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