Red Anglerfish or Red Angler



The Red Angler (Antennarius Sp.) also known as Red Anglerfish, is a small fish that grows up to 9″ inches. The coloring of its body varies because individual fish tend to match their living environments with the capacity to change coloration and pigment pattern; but the dominant coloration varies from yellow to brownish-orange, green, gray, brown, almost white, or completely black without any pattern. Body and fins can be marked with roughly parallel dark stripes or elongated blotches, some with rays radiating outward from the eye is almost completely a deep, jet black color.

Red Anglerfish are found in the tropical and subtropical waters from the Indian Ocean to the center of the Pacific Ocean, and in the Atlantic Ocean on the western coast of Africa and from the New Jersey coast to the southern Brazilian coast including the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean. This species inhabits shallow, sandy areas or rocky and coral reefs to deep waters.

Red Anglerfish or Red Angler are carnivorous and will eat tank members so be very careful with who you pair the Black Angler with. Its skin is covered in small filaments which help lure prey nearby. They use a powerful sucking mechanism to bring the prey closer before devouring it in six thousandths of a second. Its tip has a characteristic worm-like esca (lure) which, when waved, attracts unsuspecting prey. They often mimic coral or sponges around them to blend in with the environment known as cryptic coloration.  The pectoral fins are angled, and with the pelvic fins, allow the Frogfish to “walk” on the sea bottom and to keep a stable position for ambush. They will thrive best in tanks with plenty of live rock and rubble, away from small fishes and inverts, and should be fed live foods.

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