Warty Frogfish or Wartskin Angler




The Wartskin Anglerfish, also known as Warty Frogfish or Wartskin Frogfish (Antennarius Maculatus) is appropriately named, looking more like a rock or piece of coral. The Warty Frogfish or Wartskin Angler’s colors can vary widely, from browns to reds, yellows to purples and white. It can also change its color to blend with its surroundings.

A good reef dweller, the Warty Frogfish or Wartskin Angler enjoys perching on coral, and is a hardy fish but not recommended for beginners. It feeds by ambush, lying in wait for an unsuspecting fish or crustacean to go by and then lunging forward, grabbing and swallowing the victim whole. The Warty Frogfish or Wartskin Angler has been known to eat fish nearly equal to its own size. It should be given feeder fish and shrimp.


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