Yellow Angler Fish or Spotfin Frogfish



The Spotfin Frogfish (Antennatus Nummifer), also known as Coin-Bearing Frogfish, Dark-Spotted Frogfish, Spotfin Anglerfish, Spotfin Angler, Whitefinger Anglerfish, or Whitefinger Frogfish, can be found on sheltered reefs and on sandy bottoms with rich sponge growth along them. They are widespread across the Indo-Pacific region.

The Yellow Angler Fish or Spotfin Frogfish is found in all subtropical oceans to depths of 300 meters. It grows to 5.1″ inches in total length. The species varies in color to match their surroundings. They are known for their ability to camouflage and get lost in their surroundings to avoid predators. Yellow Angler Fish or Spotfin Frogfish are able to lure in their prey with a stalk found between their eyes that imitates the movements of their prey; its mouth can be opened and expanded to the same width as its body to catch and swallow prey. They feed on small fish, crustaceans, and worms.

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