Tiger Queen Anthias or Queen Tiger Fish



The Tiger Queen Anthia is commonly referred to as the Queen Tiger Fish. Tiger Queen Anthias are peach to orange in color along with broad darker stripes on the dorsal part of the body. The Tiger Queen Anthia is absolutely reef safe and usually is tolerant of ornamental shrimp or other invertebrates. The Tiger Queen Anthias prefer to live in an environment with lots of hiding places and live rocks, rapid current and open water. The Tiger Queen Anthias are hermaphrodites in nature and are born females, and only develop as males if there is a shortage of males.

A good choice for any experienced aquarists, Queen Tiger Fish are sensitive when introduced in an aquarium that is why it is suggested to keep away from aggressive fishes while they are getting acclimatized. If you are willing to keep a group, we suggest you to introduce all the Tiger Queen Anthias at the same time. Once they are acclimatized, other kind of fishes can then be introduced, aggressive ones too. The Tiger Queen Anthias do not prefer a brightly lit aquarium. Provide them with small food that includes Mysid shrimps, finely chopped sea food, especially color enhancing foods that can maintain their body color and make them vivid all through.

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