Rainbow Dottyback



The Rainbow Dottyback (Rainbow Pseudochromis) is a rare and beautiful fish with a long slender body with multi-coloration. There are strong hints of white, black and yellow on its body, and they reach an adult size of around 3″ inches.

Lot of live rock is good for the Rainbow Dottyback for it to have places to hide if it feels threatened, especially since it would not be able to defend themselves against larger, aggressive fish.

The Rainbow Dottyback shouldn’t bother coral or inverts in a reef tank, but are good jumpers and should only be kept in tanks that have a tight fitting lid with no large holes or gaps. They are carnivores and require a diet of meaty foods like mysis and brine shrimp or high quality frozen foods to keep your Rainbow Dottyback healthy and happy.

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Weight 8 lbs


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