Golden Moray Eel


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The Golden Moray Eel, Blackspot Moray, Dirty Yellow Moray, or Moray (Gymnothorax Melatremus) is a small species of moray eel from the Indo-Pacific growing up to 12″ inches in length. It’s color ranges from a vivid yellow coloration golden brown with a lighter colored belly which is sometimes decorated with light brown speckled pattern, and pale blue “cat-eyes”.

The Golden Moray Eel requires an established aquarium that’s 65 gallons or more with very good filtration and protein skimmer. The Golden Moray Eel spends most of the day hiding, moving about mostly at night in search of food. It requires 2-3 meals per week comprised of live or frozen fish such as silversides, krill, shrimp, or crustacean flesh, given on a feeder stick.


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