Wheeler’s Shrimp Goby or Wheeler’s Prawn



The Wheeler’s Shrimp Goby, also known as Wheeler’s Prawn, Gorgeous Prawn Goby, or Wheeler’s Goby (Amblyeleotris Wheeleri), is a species of Goby native to tropical reefs of the Indian Ocean to the western Pacific Ocean, and has a white body with broad orange-red bands and tiny blue spots. The dorsal fin has red and blue dots, and grows to a length of 3.9″ inches.

Wheeler’s Shrimp Goby or Wheeler’s Prawn co-inhabits burrows with alpheid shrimps, and should be kept in an aquarium with a sandy bottom to make burrows. It prefers to have peaceful tank-mates and plenty of hiding places. Small groups or pairs of Wheeler’s Shrimp Gobies or Wheeler’s Prawns tend to do better in an aquarium, but need to be introduced to the tank simultaneously.

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