Yellow Rose Goby or Hi-Fin Red Banded Goby



The Yellow Rose Goby (Stonogobiops Nematodes), also known as the Hi-Fin Red Banded Goby, Striped Goby, Black-Rayed Shrimp Goby, or Filament-Finned Prawn Goby, is an attractive, small fish that will readily form a symbiotic relationship with Pistol Shrimp. It originates from the Indo-West Pacific from the Seychelles and the Philippines through Bali and Indonesia and is the hardiest of the Hi-Fin Gobies. The Yellow Rose Goby or Hi-Fin Red Banded Goby appreciates a peaceful tank, making fantastic reef inhabitants.

Because the Yellow Rose Goby or Hi-Fin Red Banded Goby will dig a burrow, your aquarium should have a sand bed. Keep one per tank unless the tank is very large or you obtain a mated pair.

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