Marine Betta Grouper Fish or Comet Fish



The Marine Betta Grouper or Comet Fish is probably one of the most interesting of saltwater fish. The Marine Betta Grouper is a stunningly beautiful fish that unfortunately requires a lot of care to do well in aquariums since they can be very hard to get to eat. They often refuse to eat anything but live food and can be very slow eaters making it hard to feed them in aquariums with other faster eaters.

Marine Betta Grouper or Comet Fish are predators with a very interesting hunting technique. They approach their prey swimming sideways waiting for the prey to try to escape. But when the prey try to escape on the side of the fish they have a 50/50 chance to escape towards the Comet Fish’s mouth. This behavior is also believed to be a protection strategy since it is believed that the Marine Betta Grouper mimics Morays with their spots and by swimming sideways.

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Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 13 × 9 in


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