Panther Grouper Fish or Polka Dot Grouper



The Panther Grouper Fish (Cromileptes Altivelis), also known as the Polka Dot Grouper, Barramundi Cod, Humback Grouper, and High-Finned Grouper, has a beautiful silver body with black spots all over. The Panther Grouper is the most widely available grouper in the aquarium industry and for good reason, they are hardy and gorgeous. However, the Panther Grouper Fish or Polka Dot Grouper is a legitimate predator and will eat anything that will fit into its mouth. So it goes without saying it should not be housed with small inverts or fishes.

They thrive best in tanks of at least 50 gallons with a good filtration system to cycle waste as well as plenty of live rock hiding places. Really, the Panther Grouper Fish or Polka Dot Grouper should be kept in a large FOWLR tank with other semi-aggressive to aggressive fishes. Their diet will be anything meaty, live or frozen.

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