Coral Hogfish or Eclipse Hogfish


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The Coral Hogfish, also known as Eclipse Hogfish, Split-Level Hogfish or Mesothorax Hogfish is a species of wrasse native to the western Pacific Ocean and the eastern Indian Ocean. They can be found on reefs at depths of 16 to 131 ft, though rarely below 66 ft. Juveniles are burgundy with yellow spots and as they develop into adults they loose the spots and have a burgundy face with rosy-yellow posterior, separated by a black stripe. The change of coloration occurs quickly, at around 2 inches. This species can reach a length of 9.8″ inches.

Adult Eclipse Hogfish clean other fish by eating parasites on the body of other reef fish, while the juveniles inhabit caves in the reef.

The Coral Hogfish needs to be kept in a 70 gallon or larger fish-only tank, or the reef will become its buffet. It is aggressive towards smaller, docile fish that are easily bullied.

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