Achilles Tang Fish or Achilles Surgeonfish




Achilles Tang or Achilles Surgeonfish is a tropical marine fish native to the Pacific Ocean. They are a medium Surgeonfish reaching a maximum of 10 inches at adulthood. They are black with striking orange and white lining along the fish’s fins and tail. When the fish matures, a prominent orange drop shape develops on the caudal area, terminating into a sharp spine.

The Achilles Tang Fish or Achilles Surgeonfish has a poor survival rate when kept in captivity. A more experienced saltwater aquarium enthusiast might think about keeping an Achilles, verses the inexperienced.

They are peaceful aquarium inhabitants and will rarely bother their tank-mates, with the only exception being when kept with other Tang Fish or Surgeonfish, particularly of their own species, they will become aggressive towards the other Tang Fish. They are reef-safe, and can be kept with any invertebrates. Possible tank-mates include Clown Fish, Blenny Fish, Goby Fish, Chromis Fish, Butterfly Fish, and small Lion Fish.


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