Lopez’s Unicornfish or Elongate Unicornfish



True to its name, the Elongate Unicornfish or Lopez’s Unicornfish has a noticeably more slender or elongated body shape than most of the species in the Naso genera. It is quite a lively elegant swimmer with this streamlined form. Though it is a ‘Unicornfish’, neither the male nor the female will grow a horn. It is very beautiful with a delicate pattern formed by many small spots. Like all of the Unicornfish it has the ability to quickly and dramatically change its color from pale to brilliant to dark, depending on mood or environment.

All the species in the Naso genus are peaceful fish, and the Elongate Unicornfish or Lopez’s Unicornfish is no exception. It will get along with most other marine fish and can be kept with a variety of tank mates including other genus’ of Surgeonfish. However unless you have a huge (hundreds of gallons) system, it is best to house just one Naso tang to a tank. Being an herbivore it is a good algae eater, but is also a large energetic fish and may topple corals while swimming about in fast clips.

Being a very big fish that will reach a length of just under 2 feet in length, this pretty specimen is most suitable for a large show aquarium. The Elongate Unicornfish or Lopez’s Unicornfish requires a lot of water turbulence highly saturated with oxygen rather than a placid aquarium. Being very active during the day they need a large tank with plenty of room to swim, but will also need some rocks/ corals to provide some cover and to sleep in at night. They are primarily herbivores and an aquarium with natural algae growth will be greatly appreciated. Once they get acclimated and become accustom to aquarium foods they are quite hardy.

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