Sailfin Tangfish or Sailfin Tang



The Sailfin Tangfish (Zebrasoma Veliferum) is a marine reef tang in the fish family Acanthuridae. They may live at water depths of 1 – 60 meters or more. The Sailfin Tangfish grows to a maximum length of 15.8″ inches. It has an extensive range throughout Oceania, the Indian Ocean, and the South Pacific. They are herbivorous fish eating in filamentous algae.

Though their skin is light beige with stripes, it can turn dark brown under stress. The body of the Sailfin Tangfish is disc-shaped with a much elevated dorsal fin and a big anal fin. It has an extended snout. Compared to the other members of the genus Zebrasoma, the Sailfin Tang has larger but fewer pharyngeal teeth. On each side of the caudal peduncle is a single sharp spine (the so-called scalpel) which is used for defense and to establish dominance. When the fish is not using its scalpel, it is folded down inside a groove.

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