Sargassum Triggerfish or Red Tail Triggerfish



The Red Tail Triggerfish, also known as the Sargassum Triggerfish, comes from the Caribbean Ocean and is mostly purple in color. The sides are marked with evenly spaced spots that are darker than the rest of the body. The fish is also outlined in darker lines that progress into the tail and change from their dark color into a red coloration. A 125-gallon or larger aquarium with rocks and caves provides a good habitat. It will rearrange the landscaping and rocks as it wanders in and out of the caves. It vocalizes using a “grunting” sound. The Sargassum Triggerfish or Red Tail Triggerfish are very friendly and make a great pet as well as a great conversation piece.

The Sargassum Triggerfish or Red Tail Triggerfish needs a well-balanced diet of vitamin-enriched herbivore preparations, marine algae, and meaty foods such as small invertebrates, shrimp, squid, clams.

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Weight 15 lbs
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