Scott’s Greenback Fairy Wrasse



The Scott’s Fairy Wrasse, also known as the Black-Fin Fairy Wrasse or Blackedge Fairy Wrasse (Cirrhilabrus Scottorum) originates from the waters of Australia, the Cook Islands, and Fiji, and each location represents a color variation of Scott’s Fairy Wrasse.

The Scott’s Fairy Wrasse or Scott’s Greenback Fairy Wrasse from Fiji is mostly green in color with a striking black margin on the dorsal fin. Scott’s Fairy Wrasse or Black-Fin Fairy Wrasse originating from the Cook Islands is bluer in coloration with yellow fins and contains more definitive breaks between the colors. The Scott’s Fairy Wrasse collected from Australia contains more red within the fins and the break in coloration within the body is less dramatic.

The male and female Scott’s Fairy Wrasse or Scott’s Greenback Fairy Wrasse are similarly colored, but when courting, the male will display increased color intensity, and colors may vary depending on the fish’s mood.

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