Longspine Cardinalfish or Threadfin Cardinalfish



The Longspine Cardinalfish, also known as Threadfin Cardinalfish, Long-spine Cardinal, and Glass Cardinalfish (Zoramia Leptacantha) is not heavily available like many other Cardinalfish species. Their metallic blue, gold, yellow, green and other translucent rainbow colors will make this fish stand out under home aquarium lighting. Like the other Cardinalfish, it is hardy and an easy fish for the beginning aquarist.

Longspine Cardinalfish or Threadfin Cardinalfish are nocturnal in nature and spend most of their time in the shadier areas of the aquarium. They will adjust to the aquarium lights over time. They will live peacefully in schools in larger aquariums provided they are all introduced at the same time, as well as live peacefully with other non-aggressive tank-mates.

The Longspine Cardinalfish or Threadfin Cardinalfish diet requires frozen small meaty foods or chopped prepared foods, including crustaceans. They have nocturnal tendencies and will prefer to be fed after the lights go out in the aquarium.

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