Clark’s Anemonefish or Yellowtail Clownfish



Amphiprion Clarkii, known commonly as Clark’s Anemonefish and Yellowtail Clownfish, is a marine fish belonging to the family Pomacentridae, the Clownfishes and Damselfishes. Clark’s Anemonefish or Yellowtail Clownfish is a small-sized fish which grows up to 3.9 inches as a male and  5.9 inches as a female. It is stocky, laterally compressed, and oval to rounded. Its colorful, with vivid black, white, and yellow stripes, though the exact pattern shows considerable geographical variation. Usually it is black dorsally and orange-yellow ventrally, the black areas becoming wider with age. There are two vertical white bands, one behind the eye and one above the anus, and the caudal peduncle is white. The snout is orange or pinkish. The dorsal and caudal fins are orange-yellow, and the caudal fin is generally lighter in tone than the rest of the body, sometimes becoming whitish.

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