Blue Damselfish or Hedley’s Damselfish




The Blue Damselfish, Blue Demoiselle, Blue Devil, Cornflower Sergeant-Major, Hedley’s Damselfish, Redtail Australian DamselSapphire Devil, and Sky-Blue Damsel (Chrysiptera Cyanea) is a species of Damselfish native to the Indian and western Pacific Oceans. This fish reaches 3.3″ inches in length. It is bright blue in color; the male has a yellow snout and tail, and the female and juvenile usually lack yellow but have a black spot at the base of the back edge of the dorsal fin.

The Blue Damselfish or Hedley’s Damselfish inhabits reefs and lagoons. Its diet includes algae, tunicates, and copepods. Male and female pair up for breeding, and the male guards and tends the eggs.


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