One Spot Damselfish or Cape Damselfish




The One Spot Damselfish, also known as Onespot Demoiselle, Cape Damsel, Onespot Damselfish (Chrysiptera Unimaculata), is found singly or in small schools on shallow inshore reefs and harbors, along breakwaters and dead coral areas in the Indo-Pacific. They feed on benthic algae and can grow to 3.9″ inches.

One Spot Damselfish or Cape Damselfish are egg layers. First they clear a site ready for a nest, then engage in a mating dance with rapid swimming and fin movements, during this time the males will often turn a shade or two darker and may display white blotches. Spawning occurs at dawn. Many creatures change during their life. When juvenile fish become adults some change shape or their color.


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