Black Ribbon Eel or Leaf-Nosed Moray Eel


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The Black Ribbon Eel, also known as the Leaf-Nosed Moray Eel or Bernis Eel (Rhinomuraena Quaesita), is a species of Moray Eel found in lagoons and reefs in the Indo-Pacific ocean, ranging from East Africa to southern Japan, Australia and French Polynesia. The Black Ribbon Eel or Leaf-Nosed Moray Eel is a creature bearing a resemblance to a mythical Chinese dragon with a long, thin body and high dorsal fins. The Black Ribbon Eel or Leaf-Nosed Moray Eel can easily be recognized by its expanded anterior nostrils.

The Black Ribbon Eel or Leaf-Nosed Moray Eel juveniles and subadults are jet black with a yellow dorsal fin, in adult males the black is replaced by blue, and adult females are entirely yellow or yellow with some blue to the posterior. The blue adult males range from 26″ to 37″ inches in length, while the larger yellow females can reach up to 51″ inches. In captivity, the color differences are not related to maturity or sex.

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