Redtail Filefish or Blackheaded Filefish



The Redtail Filefish or Blackheaded Filefish (Pervagor Melanocephalus) have a bright orange-red back end. This orange-red color may be isolated on the tail only (the more common Green Variant) or cover most of the body (Flame Variant). A Redtail Filefish makes a captivating addition to a tank.

Redtail Filefish or Blackheaded Filefish are compatible with most fish of a similar temperament, but not Reef Safe and will pick at corals, polyps, and other invertebrates. A fish-only community aquarium is best. As a diet most will accept meaty foods like plankton, clams, brine shrimp, mysis shrimp and similar items. Redtail Filefish or Blackheaded Filefish have small mouths designed for picking food items from small crevices. It also needs lot of hiding place in the aquarium, so that it can hide when frightened.

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Weight 15 lbs
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