Two-Spotted Goby



The Two-Spotted Goby (Gobiusculus Flavescens) is a Goby native to brackish waters of the eastern Atlantic Ocean where it can be found from the Faeroes and Norway to the northwestern coast of Spain, and are common on all coasts of the United Kingdom. Two-Spotted Goby is distinct from other Gobies in that their eyes are on the side of the head. The Two-Spotted Goby grows to a length of 2.4″ inches.

Two-Spotted Gobies have a black spot at the base of the tail fin, and in the males, there is a second, smaller black spot beneath the pectoral fins. They are reddish to greenish brown in color, paler on the undersides with dark reticulations dorsally. There are four light ‘saddle’ marks dorsally from the head to the end of the second dorsal fin. Along the mid-line of the sides are a series of bluish markings. During the breeding season these markings become extremely bright in the Two-Spotted Goby males.

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