Blue-Line Snapper Fish or Bluestripe Snapper



The Blue-Line Snapper, Bluestripe Sea Perch or Bluestripe Snapper (Lutjanus Kasmira), is a species of snapper fish native to the Indian Ocean from the coast of Africa and the Red Sea to the central Pacific Ocean. It’s commercially important and sought as a game fish, while also being found in the aquarium trade. This species can reach a length of 16″ inches, though most do not exceed 9.8″ inches. The back and sides of the fish are bright yellow, with the lower sides and underside of head fading to white. Four bright-blue stripes run longitudinally on the side of the fish, with several faint greyish stripes on lowermost part of sides. Most fins are yellow.

The Blue-Line Snapper Fish or Bluestripe Snapper body is moderately deep in profile, with the dorsal profile of the head steeply sloped, having a well-developed preopercular notch and knob. The row of scales on the back rise obliquely above the lateral line, which contains 48 to 51 scales. The Blue-Line Snapper Fish or Bluestripe Snapper color is probably the most diagnostic feature of the fish, especially when alive or fresh from the water.

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