Lipstick Naso Tang or Orangespine Unicornfish



The name ‘Naso Tang’ simply describes its genus, while its other common names, Lipstick Naso Tang or Orangespine Unicornfish, touch on its outstanding appearance. Orangish lips and a pair of spines surrounded by a bright orange area on either side of the caudal peduncle are some of the distinct features that make this fish stand out. Along with these add a strong yellow line running from the back of the mouth up to the eye and bold colored stripes on the top and sometimes bottom fin, and you have a true beauty.

The Lipstick Naso Tang or Orangespine Unicornfish originates from the west and central Pacific and is very similar to its counterpart the, Blonde Naso Tang which is found in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean, but has a yellow dorsal fin.

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