Black Durgon Triggerfish

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The Black Triggerfish or Black Durgon Triggerfish (Melichthys Niger) is a blimp-shaped triggerfish with bright white lines running along its dorsal and anal fins. It appears to be completely black from afar, however, with a closer look, one can see that it’s actually mottled dark-blue/dark-green in color often with orange toward the front of the head. Black Durgon Triggerfish are capable of changing color based on their surroundings.

The Black Durgon Triggerfish can be found from Hawaii up through Polynesia, East Indies and across the Indian Ocean, southern coast of Africa, the Indo Pacific and Red Sea in open waters, shallows, and exposed reefs, at 15 to 115 feet of depth.

Black Durgon Triggerfish grow to 12″ inches on average, although it can grow to be up to 18″ inches. They are omnivorous meaning they feed upon small fish and squid, shrimp, zooplankton, algae, and other marine plant life.

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