Bluelined Triggerfish or Fuscus Triggerfish




The Bluelined Fuscus Triggerfish, also known as Blue Triggerfish, Rippled Triggerfish, Fuscus Triggerfish, Yellow-Spotted Triggerfish, or Blue-And-Gold Triggerfish (Pseudobalistes Fuscus) is a triggerfish that can reach a length of 22″ inches in males. Their bodies are mainly brown, but the fins have yellow margins. Juveniles are yellowish brown with a network of brilliant bluish wavy lines that become interconnected as they grow.

The Bluelined Fuscus Triggerfish is widespread in the Tropical Indo-Pacific, from the Red Sea to South Africa, the Society Islands, southern Japan, Australia and New Caledonia. They are a reef-associated species that prefers coastal waters, shallow lagoons and seaward reefs, at 98′ – 164′ feet  of depth.

Bluelined Triggerfish or Fuscus Triggerfish are known for their aggressiveness as they bite often. This triggerfish, like most other triggerfish, eats shellfish, small crustaceans, and other bottom-dwelling invertebrae.


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