Carpenter’s Flasher Wrasse



The Carpenter’s Flasher Wrasse, (Paracheilinus Carpenteri), is a species of Wrasse native to the western Pacific Ocean. This species can reach 3.1″ inches in standard length.

Carpenter’s Flasher Wrasse exhibit the “flashing” mating behavior which involves short, quick dashes through the water column by the male whilst concomitantly flaring its fins and intensifying in color in the presence of females this behavior commonly takes place starting from a secure place near reef rocks or the sand bed, “flashing” in the water column, and then returning to the point of origination. This display by Carpenter’s Flasher Wrasse is thought to attract females and/or stimulate mating. Flashing is much less common in the absence of females, and is considered very visually desirable by many aquarists.

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