Checkerboard Wrasse or Hortulanus Wrasse



The Checkerboard Wrasse also known as the Marble Wrasse or Hortulanus Wrasse (Halichoeres Hortulanus), has a distinct black and white checkerboard pattern. Often the Checkerboard Wrasse or Hortulanus Wrasse has vibrant yellow finnage and a blue/red/yellow splotchy face. It is a visually stunning, peaceful, and beneficial tank member.

The Checkerboard Wrasse or Hortulanus Wrasse requires a tank with plenty of rock for it to retreat to and a good amount of soft sandy substrate for it to hide in if spooked. The Checkerboard Wrasse is an excellent reef community dweller. They often hunt and feed on pesky bristleworms making them a beneficial addition to most tanks.

The Checkerboard Wrasse or Hortulanus Wrasse feeds primarily on a carnivorous diet including brine and mysis shrimp.

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