Mystery Wrasse or Whitebarred Wrasse



The beautiful Mystery Wrasse or Whitebarred Wrasse (Pseudocheilinus Ocellatus), is distinctly different from the other lined Wrasses. Rather than sporting the horizontal lines that this group of fish are recognized for, this Wrasse has slender vertical white bars that get even thinner as it matures, sometimes even fading on the adult.

Divers and scientists have been familiar with the Mystery Wrasse or Whitebarred Wrasse for a couple of decades, but it is newer to the aquarium hobby than most of the Wrasses. It was first described by Randall in 1999. Though not as much information has been gathered on this Wrasse, the Mystery Wrasse or Whitebarred Wrasse has all the characteristics to make it a great addition to the marine aquarium.

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