Golden Angelfish or Aurinatus Angelfish

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The Golden Angelfish, also known as an Aurinatus Angelfish or Velvet Dwarf Angel, is a small Angelfish inhabiting shallow reefs of the western Pacific including Indonesia and the Great Barrier Reef. It’s rarely found in Australian waters. The Golden Angelfish or Aurinatus Angelfish inhabits areas with many coral reefs and rocky outcrops, often hiding in crevices surrounded by sponges.

Golden Angelfish or Velvet Dwarf Angel is an omnivore, feeding on algae, detritus and invertebrates. The Golden Angelfish or Aurinatus Angelfish should be housed in a 55-gallon tank surrounded by many hiding places and a live rock. It is also best to introduce this fish to the tank with no other fish inside first to get used to its surroundings.


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