Majestic Angelfish or Blue Girdled Angelfish



Majestic Angelfish or Blue Girdled Angelfish are an elegant and brightly colored species commonly observed along the coral reefs throughout the tropical waters of the Indo-Pacific. Majestic Angelfish are one of the most popular Angelfish species within the hobby due to their large size as well as their beautiful coloration and markings, but they are only recommended for experienced hobbyists due to their preference for pristine water quality and stable chemistry. As they mature, the darker, juvenile color form of the Majestic Angelfish will gradually fade away to be replaced by its vivid, adult coloration of bright orange-yellow and varying hues of dark to bright blue.

Majestic Angelfish or Blue Girdled Angelfish are generally peaceful towards other tank mates, but may become quite territorial and aggressive toward Conspecifics and other Angelfish species; it’s recommended that they be housed singly in a well established aquarium environment. Majestic Angelfish are an extremely attractive and rewarding choice for experienced hobbyists that can meet their needs; they are generally available, but may sometimes be quite pricey.

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Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 13 × 9 in


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